Winchester PDX1 .45 ACP 230 Grain Centerfire Bonded Handgun Ammo


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Protect your life and home with the Winchester PDX1 .45 ACP 230 Grain Centerfire Bonded Handgun Ammo – the same round the FBI uses as its primary service round. Engineered to maximize terminal ballistics with maximum upset and 1.5x expansion, PDX1 ammo utilizes a special bonding process that welds the bullet’s lead core and copper alloy jacket together for controlled expansion and superior retained weight. Its hollow point design and jacket notching deliver positive, consistent expansion and top performance through tough barriers at a variety of impact velocities. The nickel-plated shellcase helps ensure smooth chambering and ejection shot after shot. Made to handle real-world threats and to protect your home, learn what makes the PDX1 the choice of the FBI! Welded bullet and jacket Controlled expansion and superior retained weight Engineered for maximized terminal ballistics 1.5x expansion for maximized stopping power Copper alloy jacket Nickel-plated shellcase



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