Privacy Policy

We value freedom, liberty, security, and your privacy.

Let's dig into how we match these values and

Very Limited Data Collection

We don't know who uses or buys ammo on and we don't want to know!

We do very little data collection other than what is done through our private website analytics account that we pay for. This data is used to monitor site usage and traffic patterns for to help us better understand how to serve our readers. At some point in the future we may use Google Analytics but we prefer NOT to give our user data to Google.

We try to make it easy for our users to share our ammo deals with their friends and family on social media. Sometimes social sharing tools can interfere with privacy settings. We're not using your data here -- but social media sites probably will try to use it in some way after you share things with them.

We use affiliate links (learn more) but that is done simply to earn some commission from sales that we help generate with the ammo vendors listed on

From time to time we may use Google AdSense and other advertisements as well. From our perspective, all we care to know about is how many clicks (and ad revenue) these ads generate. Google may use some additional tracking so please refer to their privacy policy for details.

We offer signup to our periodic email newsletter. We only need to know your email address. Seriously!

Site-wide SSL Encryption Used

From the beginning we set up Ammohead using site-wide SSL – that means everything you see on the site is encrypted. This step was not necessary since we're not actually selling products on Ammohead; however, it was done because we value security and privacy at all levels (even for our contact form) and because widespread use of encryption can help those in danger from tyrannical governments.

That's All Folks!

Thank you for using Ammohead. Please share this tool with your friends and family.