Federal Practice & Defend HST/Syntech Combo .45 ACP 230 gr 890 fps 100/ct


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Pair the self-defense load proven by law enforcement with the industry’s most complete training ammunition for a combination like no other. Federal(R) Practice & Defend Packs include 50 HST(R) Personal Defense(R) loads and 50 Syntech Training Match? rounds. All produce identical velocities, trajectories and point of impact for the most realistic training and utmost protection.Features:Ballistically paired Syntech Training Match and HST loadsPractice loads’ Total Synthetic Jacket prevents metal fouling, reduces barrel heat and friction, and minimizes splash-back against hard targetsHST expands reliably through a variety of barriers and penetrates to ideal depths for self-defense situationsFlawless function and reliability in semi-automatic pistols



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