Double Tap Hardcast Solid Handgun Ammunition 10mm Auto 230gr WFNGC 1120 fps 20/ct


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The heaviest and deepest penetrating 10mm in existence! Perfect for big game hunting and woods protection, this 21 brinell 230gr Hardcast Solid bullet (Wide Flat Nose Gas Check) will outperform all of the competition. This is the go to load when you absolutly need the DEEPEST penetrating bullet possible.The way this bullet was designed, it penetrates through soft tissue, heavy bone, and hide exceptionally well. The wide flat nose meplat cuts a large, clean hole without any flight deviation or deflection. Because we use 21 brinell lead to cast this bullet, it holds its shape well and will not deform on impact. In addition, we attach a gas check to the back of the 230gr Hardcast Solid. The gas check prevents powder burn from melting the lead and causing smearing/ fouling in your barrel.If hunting big boned animals is your passion, or if you just want an ultra reliable woods load to defend yourself with, the Doubletap 230gr Hardcast Solid will not disappoints with all ammo loaded at Doubletap Ammunition, the 10mm 230gr Hardcast Solid is manufactured by hand with the highest quality components available on the market today. It then undergoes a rigid inspection process prior to leaving the factory. Tolerances are held extremely tight with the powder charge being held within + or – 1/10th of a grain of powder.Bullet : 230gr Hardcast Solid (WFNGC)Ballistics : 1120fps / 641 ft. lbs. – Glock 201008fps / 519 ft. lbs. – 100yds Glock 201075fps / 590 ft. lbs. – Glock 29



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