Liberty Civil Defense Handgun Ammunition 10mm Auto 60 gr SCHP 2400 fps 20/ct

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Liberty Ammunition’s deep cavity, hollow-point projectile is designed to fragment in soft tissue, resulting in a much greater transfer of kinetic energy to the target while providing three times the terminal effects of traditional, lead-based ammo in comparable calibers. Due to the proprietary design of the projectile and its solid copper construction, Civil Defense ammunition also provides exceptional performance on hard targets such as drywall, car doors, auto glass, and leather/denim without sacrificing any performance in soft tissue.Despite the light weight projectile, it will penetrate soft targets deeper than expected. Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense 10mmAuto ammunition, also known as Liberty Civil Defense 10mm, is an excellent choice for use as self-defense ammunition, and it provides more than enough power to do the job using the Civil Defense Ammo 10mm.Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defenseammunition is a high-quality accurate load designed for self-defense. This copper monolithic fragmenting hollow point is designed for excellent penetration and excellent expansion. This light bullet, especially in the 10mm caliber, will travel very quickly and will feel softer shooting.Liberty Ammunition’s Civil defense line provides ammunition that is useful for personal defense and home defense. The entire Civil Defense line delivers lightweight, lead-free ammunition with maximum stopping power, reduced recoil, match grade accuracy, and barrier penetration resulting in high-performance green ammunition. Liberty Ammunition continues to create the world’s fastest ammunition with twice the velocity.Copper Monolithic, Hollow-Point, Fragmenting, Lead-Free, Personal Defense Round.Weight: 60 gr.Velocity: >2,400 FPSKinetic Energy: >780 FPEAccuracy: >2″ @ 25mtrsTerminal Effect: 4 -1/2″ W x 12″ DRounds: 20 per boxEnsure exceptional performance on both soft and hard targets, without compromise. Buy Liberty Civil Defense 10mm ammo today!



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