Federal Syntech Defense Handgun Ammuntion 9mm Luger 138 gr SJHP 1130 fps 20/ct


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Experience a cleaner way to shoot. The exclusive polymer coating in Syntech range ammunition prevents harsh metal-on-metal contact between the bullet and bore, eliminating copper and lead fouling. Combined with clean-burning powders and the Catalyst lead-free primer, Syntech loads keep your gun cleaner, longer, so you can shoot more-and shoot better.Features:Polymer-encapsulated Syntech bullet prevents metal-on-metal contact in the bore, eliminating copper and lead fouling, while extending barrel lifeExclusive lead-free primer formulation provides the most reliable, consistent ignitionClean-burning propellants minimize residue and foulingSignificantly reduces the required frequency of cleaningAbsence of a copper jacket minimizes splash-back on steel targetsLess perceived recoil



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