Federal BallistiClean Handgun Ammunition 9mm Luger 100gr IRT 1240 fps 50/ct


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Federal Premium BallistiClean 9mm Luger 100 Grain Lead-Free Frangible RHT Handgun Ammo features non-toxic loads that offer a shooting experience with cleaner air. The frangible RHT bullets break up on impact with steel targets, greatly reducing splash-back ricochets. Accuracy and felt recoil are consistent with service ammo. A Toxic-Metal FreeA(R) primer and non-lead bullet eliminates airborne lead, which reduces barrel fouling. Waste disposal at the range becomes a non-issue with this round as it meets and exceeds OSHA and EPA standards.9mm100 grain lead-free ammoFrangible ammunition breaks up on impact with steel targetsReduced splash back and ricochetsToxic-Free-Metal primersFeels comparable to shooting defensive ammoMeets or exceeds standards in place by OSHA and EPA



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