Remington Golden Saber Defense Compact Ammunition .40 S&W 180gr BJHP 785 fps 20/ct


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Based on the same platform trusted by law enforcement professionals to protect the American way of life, now available for personal defense. Loaded with our high performance Golden Saber Brass Jacketed Hollow Point (BJHP), these rounds deliver massive expansion and deep penetration for ultimate stopping power. Premier nickel-plated cases resist corrosion and cycle dependably after extended storage. Available in loadings maximized for full size as well as compact pistols and revolvers, as well as in the most popular calibers.Golden Saber Defense Compact is designed with the concealed carry permit holder in mind to deliver big gun terminal performance out of shorter-barreled pistols and revolvers. This round has been engineered to provide optimal penetration and expansion even through heavy clothing at lower velocities for maximum stopping power. It’s all of our premier features now finely tuned for your most important handgun.Features:EXCLUSIVE BRASS JACKET – Its precision nose cuts control expansion and optimizes energy transferCASE MOUTH AND PRIMER WATERPROOFING – For maximum reliabilityNICKEL-PLATED CASES – To reduce oxidation and improve feeding and extractionSPECIALLY TREATED POWDERS – To suppress muzzle flash



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