Ruger LCRx Double-Action Revolver with Adjustable Rear Sight – .38 Special


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The Ruger LCRx Double-Action Revolver with Adjustable Rear Sight features all of the technological advances of the standard LCRLightweight Compact Revolverwith the addition of an external hammer and an adjustable rear sight. The hammer gives you the option of pulling the hammer back and firing in single-action mode; and the rear sight allows you to dial in the point of impact for a wide variety of ammunition, as well as place shots with greater precision. Shooters can still fire the revolver in the super smooth, non-stacking double-action mode the LCR is famous for. The LCRx’s short, swept-back hammer spur design minimizes the risk of snagging on clothing or purses when the firearm is drawn from a concealed carry position. Ruger revolutionized the small, lightweight revolver design when they introduced the LCR, made with a cylinder frame of aerospace-grade 7000-series aluminum and a grip frame of high-tech polymer. A stainless steel barrel and cylinder provide strength for high-stressed parts. PVD finish on the cylinder adds durability and extensive fluting reduces weight. The LCR weighs considerably less than conventional revolvers, conceals easily, and has excellent balance and ergonomics. Patented friction-reducing cam results in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. Patented polymer fire-control housing significantly reduces weight and reduces recoil. Use the grip peg to install a variety of grip styles. The LCRx double-action revolver comes with Hogue Tamer Monogrip that absorbs recoil and provides for quick follow-up shots. Replaceable, pinned ramp front sight with white bar enhances aiming. External hammer Adjustable rear sight Super smooth, non-stacking double-action Short, swept-back hammer spur design Aerospace-grade 7000-series aluminum cylinder frame High-tech polymer grip frame Stainless steel barrel and cylinder provide strength



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