Liberty Civil Defense Handgun Ammunition .357 Mag 50 gr SCHP 2100 fps 20/ct


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The Civil Defense Lead Free .357 Magnum ammo features very deep hollow-points. When striking flesh, these bullets rapidly expand creating a large wound channel. The petals of the hollow-point tend to shear off and form their own wound tracks, causing further exsanguination. The central part of the bullet continues to penetrate deeper into the body ? typically to a distance of 12? ? 14? in ballistic gelatin. A penetration depth of 12? in ballistic gelatin is the arbitrary minimum distance the FBI determined was suitable for the needs of its agents. It offers a lot of the things that people want such as reliability, penetration and massive wounding.Lead Free .357 Magnum is a 50 gr, Copper, Monolithic, Hollow-Point Fragmenting, Lead-Free, Personal Defense Round Weight: 50gr Velocity: >2100 FPS Kinetic Energy: >490 FPE Accuracy: 3 1/2 ?W x 12? D Rounds: 20 per box



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