Hornady ELD Match .338 Lapua Magnum 285 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo


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Hornady ELD Match .338 Lapua Magnum 285 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo delivers consistent, match-grade accuracy and flat trajectories, using their ELD (Extremely Low Drag) bullets. ELD bullets have extremely high ballistic coefficients, optimum secant ogives, and boattail bases that make them exceedingly streamlined and aerodynamic to reduce air drag, minimizing bullet drop and wind drift for ultra-long-range shooting. To counter the effect of heat deformation to the polymer tip, Hornady developed the Heat Shield tip, made from heat-resistant polymer, which maintains the bullet’s aerodynamics for ultimate accuracy. These bullets are manufactured with Hornady’s AMP bullet jackets (Advanced Manufacturing Process) to provide near-zero variation in wall thickness, resulting in unprecedented concentricity and uniformity throughout the jacket. Hornady loads ELD Match Rifle Ammo with carefully selected components under stringent quality control to ensure consistent, pinpoint accuracy, needed for hitting targets at ultra long-range. Cases are selected based on uniformity of wall thickness, powder capacity, and case weight, and consistent wall concentricity. Powder charges are matched carefully to each specific bullet for optimal pressures and velocities. Loaded with ELD Match bullets Designed for long-range shooting Extremely high ballistic coefficients Heat Shield tip resists heat deformation Optimum secant ogive and boattail bases Loaded under stringent quality control Match-grade accuracy Super flat trajectory



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