Ammo Inc Stelth Subsonic .300 AAC Blackout 220 Grain TMC Handgun Ammo – 200 Rounds


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Ammo Inc. stelTH Subsonic .300 Blackout 220 Grain TMC Rifle Ammo is manufactured utilizing proprietary hyperclean technology to burn cleaner and is built in collaboration with leading suppressor manufacturers. StelTH is purpose-built for excellence in quiet performance. StelTH slows baffle erosion and reduces carbon fouling in your suppressor and host weapon. Hyperclean tech keeps you shooting longer, cleaning less often, and cuts down the amount of time spent cleaning. Ammo Inc’s stelTH line is also designed to complete the powder burn phase to reduce wasted powder and eliminate most of the muzzle flash exiting your suppressor. If you’re looking to turn up the performance in suppressed shooting, Ammo Inc’s Stelth is an excellent choice. Hyperclean technology burns cleaner Quiet performance Slows baffle erosion Reduces fouling in suppressor and host weapon Reduces cleaning regimen Reduces flash signature



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