Winchester Super-X Power Point .30-06 Springfield 180 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo


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Winchester Super-X Power-Point .30-06 Springfield 180 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo has proven itself for over 60 years to function reliably in all types of environmental conditions, as well as deliver lethal terminal performance on big game. The exposed lead-tip, Power-Point bullet is constructed with a copper jacket, featuring strategically-placed notches around the jacket mouth, which initiate quick and uniform expansion for massive energy release. A tapered jacket thickness and an alloyed lead core aid to control expansion and retain weight for deep penetration; and a cannelure groove provides for a secure crimp. Super-X Power-Point rifle ammo is manufactured using precision manufacturing processes and high-quality primers, powders, and reloadable brass cases to ensure reliable ignition and consistent accuracy. Made in USA. Reliable function under all conditions Exposed lead-tip, Power-Point bullet Alloyed lead core with copper jacket Quick and uniform expansion Massive energy release



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