Hornady Varmint Express Centerfire Rifle Ammo – .223 Rem – 55 Grain


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Hornady® Varmint Express™ Centerfire Rifle Ammo utilizes the V-MAX® polymer-tipped bullet to deliver dramatic expansion on light-skinned varmints and predators, over a wide range of distances and velocities. The V-MAX bullet’s polymer tip and streamline profile increase ballistic coefficient to flatten trajectory and reduce wind drift, making it highly effective for long-range shooting. Upon impact, the polymer tip pushes back into a hollow cavity within the lead core for explosive fragmentation. A concentric, AMP® bullet jacket and swaged lead core produce match-grade accuracy at extended ranges. Varmint Express Centerfire Rifle Ammo is loaded with optimum powder charges and primers, matched to individual loads, and select Hornady brass cases for consistent ignition and pressures, further enhancing the accuracy potential of your rifle. V-MAX polymer-tipped bullet High ballistic coefficients Flat trajectory Minimal wind drift Excellent accuracy Dramatic expansion Reloadable brass cases



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