Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Rifle Ammunition .223 Rem 55gr FMJ BT 3240 fps 1000/ct


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Economically priced hunting ammo does not ofer substandard performance when it is loaded by Fiocchi. We combine Interlock and sof point bullets to deliver a more economically priced load hunters can depend on to bring home the game. Te right bullets in our rife hunting ammo combine with your preparation, skills, and equipment to you would use if you were loading them yourself, starting by picking the right bullet for the application. We ofer everything from fast-expanding varmint bullet loads to deep-penetrating controlled expansion bullet loads for larger game. We use bullets such as the Vmax, SST, Game King, and make for a successful hunt. For many years Fiocchi has delivered a little more bang for the buck and our Shooting Dynamics line of hunting ammo continues that long-standing tradition.



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