Norma TAC-22 Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 40gr LRN 1083 fps 50/ct


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The Norma Range & Training – .22LR TAC-22 40 Gr is the ideal choice for shooters looking for high-performance, versatile and reliable ammunition for target practice, training, and small game hunting. These rounds are designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and performance, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of shooting activities.The 40 grain bullet is a perfect balance of speed and energy, providing a consistent trajectory and excellent accuracy. The Tac-22 bullet is specifically designed to provide optimal performance in semi-automatic firearms, making it an excellent choice for target shooting, training exercises, and small game hunting.Each box contains 50 rounds, providing ample ammunition for extended range sessions or to keep on hand for training and target practice. The rounds are precision manufactured to strict tolerances, ensuring consistent performance and reliable function in a wide range of firearms chambered for .22LR caliber.The Norma Range & Training – .22LR TAC-22 40 Gr rounds are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-performance, reliable, and versatile ammunition for a wide range of shooting activities. These rounds are designed for firearms that are chambered for .22 LR caliber, it’s not recommended for any other application.



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