Forster Bench Rest Full Length Sizing Die for .22 Nosler


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Produces ammunition that has a “glove fit” to your chamber. Use after each firing or after several firings, when the resulting brass flow will require the case to be full-length sized. Diamond stoning process enlarges the inside dia. to prevent over-sizing due to thick neck walls. Useful for brands of brass cases with thicker neck walls or when you do not intend to outside neck turn case necks that have thickened after repeated firings. Sizes the case neck, shoulder, and body Deprimes and expands the case neck Allows the case to be re-chambered in a SAAMI minimum size rifle chamber Please note : 1. No more than .008″ stock removal from your existing die neck diameter is possible. 2. Honing is done in increments of one half thousandth of an inch (.0005″), meaning that your specified inside diameter must be either .XXX0″ or .XXX5″.



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