Federal Personal Defense Punch Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR PUNCH 29gr FN 1080 fps 50/ct


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Self-defense isn’t one size fits all. Punch 22 LR from Federal Premium uses a first-of-its-kind nickel-plated lead-core bullet pushed at maximum velocities to achieve the deepest penetration through short-barrel handguns. So, whether you want to carry a 22 LR pistol as a backup gun, don’t feel comfortable with centerfire pistols, or simply want to get more versatility from your rimfire, Punch makes the 22 LR cartridge a viable choice for the first time ever.Features:Maximum velocity for energy and penetration; 1,070 fps through 2-inch barrel handguns, 1,650 fps out of 24-inch rifle barrels29-grain nickel-plated lead-core bulletProjectile profile and composition optimized for the deepest penetration through short-barrel handgunsRigorous function testing ensures reliabilityNickel-plated case for ease of extraction and corrosion resistance50-count boxes



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