Federal Premium Prairie Storm FS Lead Shotshells 100-Pack – 20 Gauge – #5 – 3”


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Turn up your game with this 100-pack of Federal Premium Prairie Storm FS Lead Shotshells, which deliver a 1-2 punch that’ll drop those ringnecks with enhanced patterns and powerful impacts. Punch 1 the FLITECONTROL wad helps deliver a consistent pattern that if you hit your target you’ll do more than wing it or ding it. Punch 2 a mixed payload of copper-plated lead and FLITESTOPPER lead ensure a thicker, more powerful pattern that produces bigger, nastier wound channels. This helps knock more birds out of the sky. The FLITESTOPPER payload inside each Federal Premium Prairie Storm shotgun shell consists of 70% copper-plated lead and 30% FLITESTOPPER lead. Special 100-pack Enhanced patterns and powerful impacts FLIGHTCONTROL wads deliver consistent patterns FLITESTOPPER lead produces bigger, nastier wound channels Mixed payload copper-plated lead and FLIGHTSTOPPER lead



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