Rio Royal BlueSteel 12 ga 3 1/2″ MAX 1 3/8 oz #BB 1550 fps – 25/ct


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Rio Royal BlueSteel 12 ga 3 1/2″ MAX 1 3/8 oz #BB 1550 fps shotgun shells stand as a testament to Rio’s commitment to providing waterfowl hunters with superior ammunition. Tailored specifically for nontoxic waterfowl hunting applications, these game loads are engineered to perform under any conditions, ensuring that hunters can take on the challenge of waterfowl hunting with confidence.Featuring perfectly round steel shot, these shells are designed to deliver high velocities up to 1,550 feet per second, granting hunters the killing and takedown power essential for successful hunts. The Royal BlueSteel line is recognized for its reliability and quality, offering both 12-gauge and 20-gauge options to accommodate a broad spectrum of waterfowl hunting needs.Manufactured with the hunter in mind, these shells boast a max dram and come packaged in boxes of 25, making them an ideal choice for dedicated hunters seeking both performance and value. The use of high-quality plastic cases ensures durability and integrity of the shells, even in adverse weather conditions.High Velocities & Power: 1,550 fps for effective takedowns.Nontoxic Waterfowl Hunting: Designed for environmental compliance.Perfect Round Steel Shot: Ensures precision and consistency.Versatile Gauge Options: Available in 12-ga and 20-ga for broad compatibility.Reliable Performance: Guaranteed to perform in adverse conditions.With Rio’s Royal BlueSteel, hunters can expect an ammunition that not only meets but exceeds the demands of waterfowl hunting, combining speed, precision, and power in every shot. Make the most of your waterfowl season with Rio’s proven ammunition, and experience the difference in your hunt.



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