Rio Bismuth Magnum Shotshell 12 ga 3″ MAX 1-5/8″ #5 1350 fps 10/Box


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The Rio Bismuth Magnum Shotshell comes in a 12-gauge size, measuring 3 inches long. There are two different options – the Magnum 36 and the Magnum 46. These shotshells are loaded with shot sizes #3 through #6, and they achieve a muzzle velocity of up to 1,400 or 1,350 feet per second, respectively. If you are in need of a hard-hitting shell that also delivers unparalleled down-range power, look no further than the Rio Bismuth Magnum Shotshell. These shells are a great option for vintage weapons that can’t tolerate modern sheet shot, and they are also perfect for nontoxic waterfowl hunting applications.



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