Hevi-Shot HEVI-Metal Longer Range Shotgun Shells – 12 Gauge – BBB – 3” – 25 Rounds


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Hevi-Shot HEVI-Metal Longer Range Shotgun Shells use a blend of 30% high-density bismuth shot, layered over 70% steel shot, which increases range and lethality over standard Hevi-Metal loads. Steel pellets are coated with dry-film lubricant for corrosion resistance. Hot high-brisance primers and custom-blended propellants ensure reliable ignition in wet weather and produce higher velocities with heavy loads. A thick base-wad locks hull into the headstamp securely to improve reliable operation in semi-auto shotguns. The shot charge is topped with a flaxseed buffer to ensure a consistent, flat crimp. HEVI-Metal Longer Range Shotgun Shells reach far and penetrate deep. Made in USA. 30% bismuth shot 70% steel shot Dry-film lubricated steel pellets High-brisance primers Flaxseed crimp buffer Thick base-wad



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