Underwood Ammo Xtreme Defender 9mm Luger Ammo – 9mm Luger 90gr Xtreme Defense 20/Box


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For maximum performance the Xtreme Defender Ammo 9mm Luger 90 grain Xtreme Defense was CNC machined from solid copper, so this round will hold true to form even if it is shot through barriers. Underwood Ammo’s Xtreme Defense smokes the competition because no other expanding hollowpoint comes even close to achieving the same results. Permanent wound cavity over 100% larger than the competition Solid copper body will hold up if shot through wallboard, sheet metal, automotive glass Reduced recoil Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward Designed for peak performance, Underwood Ammo’s Xtreme Defense has an optimized nose flute, tota Mfg: Underwood Ammo


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