Remington Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun Ammo – .380 Automatic Colt Pistol – 102 Grain


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Remington designed their Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun Ammo specifically to deliver maximum terminal performance out of shorter barreled concealed carry handguns. Remington’s Ultimate Defense handgun ammo features a high-performance Brass Jacket Hollow Point (BJHP) bullet, with spiral nose cuts leading off a hexagonally-punched, hollow point cavity-a design that ensures lethal expansion at lower velocities, even after the bullet has passed through clogging barriers such as drywall or heavy clothing. Remington also uses special primers and propellants in their Ultimate Defense Compact handgun ammo to reduce muzzle flash from short-barreled revolvers and pistols when firing at night, which can dangerously give a shooter’s position away, or momentary impair a shooter’s vision during a critical situation. The case mouth and primer are waterproofed for added reliability after ammo has been carried on a human body by a concealed carry permit holder for extended periods of time before use. The nickel-plated cases are resistant to corrosion caused by perspiration ensuring reliable cycling. Remington Ultimate Defense is some of the very best concealed carry handgun ammo for when it matters most – finely tuned for compact handguns. Specifically designed for concealed carry handguns Spiral nose cuts and hexagonal hollow point cavity ensure expansion Special propellants reduce muzzle flash from short barrels Nickel-plated corrosion resistant cases



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