Hornady Outfitter 308 Winchester Ammo – 308 Winchester 150gr Cx Otf Polymer Tip Boat Tail 20/Box


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Across the world, the .308 Winchester is renowned and respected, and as such, can be found in use even in the most-remote parts of the world. However, in these remote areas, many variables can effect the reliability of your hunting rounds. Take out these variables with the Hornady Outfitter lineup in .308 Winchester. Loaded with a GMX bullet made from solid copper alloy, each Hornady Outfitter cartridge ensures that shooters experience deep penetration combined with dependable expansion. The solid rounds will also retain most of their weight, with Hornady promising greater than 95 percent weight-retention. Bullet weight: 165 grains Muzzle velocity: 2,610 fps Muzzl Mfg: Hornady



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