Sellier & Bellot 300 Aac Blackout 147gr Fmj Ammunition – 300 Aac Blackout 147gr Full Metal Jacket 20/Box


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Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout 147 gr FMJ ammo is an excellent all-around load for recreational target shooting, training, and competition with your 300 BLK AR-15. When you’re looking for economically priced, high-quality factory-new ammo (not reloads!) with superb performance, reach for S&B 300 AAC Blackout 147 gr FMJ. Brass case Supersonic load – 2,076 fps @ muzzle Available in 20-round boxes or 200-round cases Manufactured in S&B’s state-of-the-art factory in Vlasim, Czech Republic, Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout 147 gr FMJ is 21st Century ammo that will give you consistent, reliable performance from your Modern Sporting Rifle Mfg: Sellier & Bellot



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