Hornady Custom Ammo 300 Aac Blackout 135gr Ftx – 300 Aac Blackout 135gr Flex Tip Expanding 20/Box


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High Quality Stregnth And Durability By Hornady Aerodynamic secant ogive for dead-on accuracy Tapered jacket for deep penetrations and a controlled expansion InterLock ring locks core and jacket together Lead alloy for a solid core The Hornady BTSP is part of the InterLock series of bullets from Hornady. It features an aerodynamic secant ogive for a flat, streamlined trajectory resulting in pinpoint accuracy. A tapered jacket helps provide deep penetration with controlled expansion while a lead alloy core adds strength and durability. The InterLock ring locks the core and jacket together. Hornady products provide consistent quality, accuracy and perform Mfg: Hornady



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