Fusion MSR Rifle Ammunition, .300 AAC Blackout, 150-gr, Soft Point


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To perform to their peak, modern sporting rifles require specialized ammunition. Fusion MSR is literally built around these firearms to optimize velocity, accuracy and terminal performance. From primer to projectile, virtually every component is optimized for peak ballistic performance through short barrels. With a molecularly fused jacket that eliminates component separation and a pressure-formed core that provides deep penetration and stopping power, Fusion delivers best-in-class weight retention and expansion diameter to transfer maximum energy on target. Clean-burning, low-flash, fast-burning propellants boost velocity through typical-length MSR barrels. Military-style colored case iris gives visual confirmation of proper case metallurgy. Primer compatible with rifles that have free-floating firing pins. Manufactured by Federal Ammunition. 20 rounds per box. Shipped ground only.

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