Winchester Deer Season XP Centerfire Rifle Ammo – .30-06 Springfield


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Winchester® designed their Deer Season XP™ Centerfire Rifle Ammo specifically for hunting whitetail deer – America’s most popular big game animal. Winchester uses the XP (Extreme Point™) bullet in this premium rifle ammunition that puts deer down instantly. The XP bullet has a high ballistic coefficient polymer tip for flat trajectory, but unique to the XP is that it has a much wider diameter where the polymer tip meets the jacket. The wider impact diameter hits hard and initiates expansion rapidly in the first 5-6 inches creating a large wound channel all the way though the animal. A tapered jacket reduces the risk of over expansion. Winchester Deer Season XP Centerfire Rifle Ammo is loaded with premium powders, brass, and primers under tight quality control to give you reliable ammunition you can count on. Designed specifically for deer hunting XP bullet puts deer down instantly High ballistic coefficient polymer tip Wide impact diameter initiates rapid expansion Tapered bullet jacket Loaded with premium components



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