Federal Premium Terminal Ascent .30-06 Sprg 175 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo


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Aiming for long-range accuracy and match-grade performance? Load up with Federal Premium® Terminal Ascent™ .30-06 Sprg 175 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo for hard-hitting and reliable accuracy. Featuring a bonded jacket with a Slipstream™ polymer tip, this ammunition offers extremely deep penetration on close targets, and consistent expansion at lower, long-range velocities. The bullet features AccuChannel® groove technology for improved accuracy and minimized drag, and its long, narrow profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient.u000du000d Bonded jacket constructionu000d Slipstream polymer tip for reliable long-range, low velocity expansionu000d AccuChannel groove technology for improved accuracyu000d Copper shank and bonded lead core for retained weightu000d Reliable performance at long and short rangesu000d Match-grade accuracyu000d Reduced wind drift and bullet dropu000d



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