Federal Premium Vital Shok Trophy Copper Rifle Ammo – .270 Winchester – 130 Grain – 20 Rounds


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Federal® Premium Vital Shok Trophy Copper™ Rifle Ammo provides devastating expansion across a wide range of velocities with an all-copper bullet. Trophy Copper bullets are sleek, polymer-tipped, boat-tail projectiles with high ballistic coefficients that shoot flat and produce great accuracy. (30-30 has a round-nosed bullet.) With no chance of jacket/core separation, the solid copper bullet retains up to 99% of its original weight for deep penetration. Federal Premium Trophy Copper Rifle Ammo is loaded in nickel-plated brass cases for minimal corrosion and more reliable extraction from the chamber. Trophy Copper Rifle Ammunition is available in a variety of calibers and loads for all types of shooting from big game hunting for heavy-boned species to predator hunting at long range. The all-copper Trophy Copper bullet is compatible in California and other areas that prohibit lead bullets. Loaded with Trophy Copper bullets Provide devastating expansion High weight retention with solid copper bullet Polymer-tipped, boat-tail design Flat shooting with great accuracy Nickel-plated brass cases



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