Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Centerfire Rifle Ammo – .223 Remington – 55 Grain


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Winchester® Ballistic Silvertip™ Centerfire Rifle Ammo delivers outstanding long-range performance with sleek, aerodynamic bullets that expand rapidly with massive knock-down power. The Ballistic Silvertip bullet utilizes a polymer tip and a boattail base to minimize bullet drop and wind drift at long range; a tapered, copper jacket over the lead core controls expansion to enhance weight retention for consistent penetration (.22 caliber centerfire cartridges feature a fragmenting polymer tip bullet). A Lubalox®, black oxide, bullet coating reduces barrel fouling for precise and repetitive accuracy over the long run. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammo comes loaded in nickel-plated brass cases for corrosion resistance, and reliable feeding and extraction. Made in USA. Outstanding long-range performance Polymer tip and boattail base Rapid, controlled expansion Tapered, copper jacket Nickel-plated brass cases Lubalox bullet coating



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