Hornady .223 Training Centerfire Rifle Ammo – Soft Point


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High-performance Hornady .223 Rem. Centerfire Rifle Ammo is a practical choice for training or hunting with your enhanced AR semi-auto or bolt-action rifle. Choose from full metal jacket (FMJ) or soft-point (SP) bullets, depending on your needs. Both FMJ and SP loads shoot 55-grain bullets at the same velocity, so you can use them interchangeably without sight adjustments. Bullets are cannelured and crimped for reliable use in semi-autos. Hornady rifle ammo is loaded with premium propellants and primers, and reloadable brass cases for consistent performance and accuracy. Use FMJ loads for tactical training, target practice, and harvesting furbearing animals. Choose SP loads for varmint and predator hunting. Choose from FMJ or SP bullets A practical choice for training or hunting Use FMJ and SP interchangeably without sight adjustment Reloadable brass cases



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