Winchester M-22 Rimfire Ammo – .22 Long Rifle


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Winchester developed M-22™ Rimfire Ammo specifically to function reliably in MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) semi-auto, rimfire firearms with high capacity magazines. The 40-grain, black copper-plated, round-nose bullet shoots accurately, feeds reliably, and leaves minimum lead fouling in the barrel, feed ramp, and mag lip, making it an excellent choice for high volume shooting. Winchester uses clean-burning powder and priming in their M-22 ammo that also contributes to maintaining firearm actions clean for reliable function. Shooting Winchester M-22 Rimfire Ammo in AR-style semi-autos is a practical, cost effective method of tactical training, as well as a great way to have fun plinking and target shooting. Designed specifically to function in MSRs Black copper-plated, round-nose bullet Minimum lead fouling Clean-burning powder Cost effective tactical training



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