CCI .22 HMR 30 Grain V-MAX Rimfire Ammo


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The explosive effects of CCI® .22 HMR 30 Grain V-MAX Rimfire Ammo makes it exceptionally useful ammunition for predator hunting as well as shooting varmints. The polymer tip on the V-MAX bullet enhances the bullet’s ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectory and sub-MOA accuracy, so you can reach out well over 100 yards to place shoots with precision. CCI’s tight quality control during manufacturing eliminates any variables that cause inconsistencies, resulting in reliable ignition, and consistent accuracy from one box to the next. CCI .22 HMR 30 Grain V-MAX Rimfire Ammo shoots fast and maintains its velocity to hit hard at maximum rimfire range. Made in USA. Explosive, poly-tip V-Max bullet Flat trajectory and superb accuracy Highly reliable hunting ammunition Consistent level of quality Shoots fast-hits hard



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