Hevi Shot Hevi-Metal Turkey 20 Gauge Ammo – 20 Gauge 3″ 1oz #4 5/Box


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To make a performance shotshell at an everyday pricepoint, we start with our premium steel pellets, then use Pattern Density Technology to layer in HEVI-Shot pellets. HEVI-Metal has a higher proportion of HEVI-Shot pellets than HEVI-Metal waterfowl shotshells, so a 1-1⁄4 oz HEVI-Metal Turkey shell has 263 pellets about as many as a lead #4 shotshell with nearly 2 oz of shot (273 pellets)! Since the HEVI-Metal Turkey load will pattern better than the lead load, you are much more likely to get your turkey with this inexpensive shotshell than you are with a traditional lead shotshell at any normal yardage. The maximized pellet count fills in Mfg: Hevi Shot


Hevi Shot

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